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If you are interested in talking to us about promoting or playing a show in our venue, please contact us with as much information as possible, website, past performances, videos, recordings, etc.. contact uson  Facebook at




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GOOD TIMES Barbie Night 

Station 11, EHJ 

Pierre Ouellette & Piano Kyle

September 29 Ballroom and Pub

Come celebrate GOOD TIMES Barbie Night on Friday September 29th w/ Station 11, EHJ, Pierre Ouellette & Piano Kyle at the Tide & Boar! There will be 2 stages; in the Ballroom (DJ’s) & the pub (full band). This will be the sickest party in town, with a total of 3 acts playing throughout the night and an unreal lights & visuals setup by Mad Audio.

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The Blushing Brides

The Original Tribute to The Rolling Stones

September 22 Ballroom

Canada Best Rolling Stones Tribute - The Blushing Brides

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Emo Night Presents 

Wade MacNiel of 

Alexis On Fire

DJ Set

September 29th Caveau

East Coast Emo Nighy with special guest Wade McNeil of Alexisonfire 

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Fabulously Rich

Tribute to the Tragically Hip

September 30 Ballroom

We grew up on the music of The Tragically Hip. We played it in our first bands, and it became a part of us. When Gord Downie's illness hit the headlines, we knew we had to take action. We decided to host a Fundraiser in December 2016 in our hometown, Charlottetown, to raise money for Gord.  From the very first rehearsal, we knew we had something special. The energy was undeniable, and it didn't take long after that first show for the word to spread like wildfire. Since then, we’ve performed in front of tens of thousands and cultivated an incredible following of our own.  We have a profound respect for The Hip, their music, and what it means to their fans and we know we have a responsibility to deliver it properly or not at all. We're not here to imitate or impersonate; our mission is to recreate that indescribable experience of being at an authentic Hip show. We strive to capture every musical and vocal nuance, ensuring that the essence of the music remains intact. In a twist of fate, our lead singer, Dennis Ellsworth, forged a genuine friendship with Gord Downie himself. Their connection led to an extraordinary collaboration—a musical rendition of Gord's poignant poem, "Coke Machine Glow," which found its place on Dennis's Hazy Sunshine album. The recording took place at none other than The Tragically Hip's renowned Bathhouse Studio in Bath, ON. Join us on this remarkable journey as we pay homage to The Tragically Hip and share our love for their music. Let's create unforgettable moments together, channelling the spirit of those legendary shows that touched our souls. Together, we'll keep the music alive, celebrating the magic that made The Tragically Hip an iconic force in Canadian music history.

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Sonic Concerts Presents 

The Beaches

October 21 Ballroom

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My Chemical Romance Tribute 

with The Kids From Yesterday 

October 14 Pub

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Tribute to Nirvana

October 20 Pub

An electric and acoustic tribute to Nirvana

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Complete TOOL Expereince 

October 27 Ballroom

A faithful adaptation in homage to the long legacy of the legendary genre-defying band that is TOOL. An honest interpretation from four warriors, deeply influenced and hailing from Montreal, Canada.  Parabolus – Complete Tool Experience is covering songs from all the Albums: Toolshed, Opiate, Undertow, Aenema, Salival, Lateralus, 10 000 Days & Fear Inoculum.

Parabolus is proud to present an authentic and vibrant tribute to the legendary band that is TOOL. The four members are inspired by their technically complex yet emotionally powerful music, their visual arts, philosophy and of course their unmatched live shows.

From the die hard fans to the casual listeners who haven’t got the chance to see them live yet. Parabolus is dedicated 100% to recreate the closest experience of going to one of TOOL’s concerts to the best of our abilities.

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Signal Hill

November 3rd and 4th Ballroom

Signal Hill is a four man acoustic rock band from St. John’s, NL, currently based out of Halifax, NS, Canada. Since 1991 they have toured Canada and beyond, to places such as the Dominican Republic and Moscow, Russia. Catch them every Sunday night at the famous Lower Deck Pub in Halifax, and regularly at Grace O’Malley’s in Toronto, The Tide and Boar Ball Room in Moncton, The Crazy Horse in Ottawa, Shenanigans in CBS and more!

Signal Hill has been a mainstay in the east coast music scene for years. The formula is simple: great songs you know and love, solid, rich four part vocal and acoustic guitar arrangements, and miles and miles of energy!

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October 28, Pub - Ballroom - Caveau

Moncton's biggest Halloween party is back!! your tickets get you access to all three venues, 

In the ballroom we have Station 11 and DJ BIG S, in the Pub the Pat Gillespie Band, and in the Caveau Jason Savoie. We have our Costume Contest with prizes for Best Dressed, 2nd best dressed and Team Costume.

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Apollo Suns 

November 18 Pub

Apollo Suns have created a refreshing and innovative sound combining instrumental, jazz, rock and ps

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